Soft Wave Unit at Hallmark Update

July 29, 2016 

Further to the installation of a test Soft Wave commercial unit at Hallmark Poultry announced March 16, 2016, Stina Resources Ltd. (“the Company”) is pleased to announce that the unit appears to have made a substantial difference in removing scaling from the inside of the water cooling tower.

Due to unforeseen required repairs to the tower during the test period, unrelated to the Soft Wave installation, testing took longer than anticipated. Over the past several weeks the tower has been fully operational and employing the soft wave unit. Engineers have noted interior pipes are fully clean of scaling at this time. Further tests of water quality, against earlier tests are forthcoming, along with further reports regarding other parts of the water tower including condition of the sump. It should be noted that this cooling tower has been considered the oldest and most challenging of the Hallmark cooling towers, and engineers are impressed with the positive effects of Soft Wave.

The Company intends to meet with an engineering firm in the next 2 weeks to discuss an agreement for the further testing and distribution of Soft Wave. Furthermore, other Soft Wave units are now scheduled for installation in other lower mainland facilities very shortly. Further news will be disseminated regarding these developments as it becomes available.

About Soft Wave
Soft Wave is a non-chemical water treatment system that provides a number of cost-saving, environmental, and personal benefits to household consumers, businesses, city water infrastructures, and large industrial operations. Soft Wave dissolves and suspends minerals in the water, thus preventing scale formation inside the pipes and the elimination of prior scaling. Soft Wave technology has been in development for over six years and has been commercially available in the U.S. for the past three years. During that time, Soft Wave has been installed in such locations as Dole Foods, Fresh Express and Best Western Hotels, in addition to a number of other well-known companies throughout North America.

Soft Wave is completely scalable and works as well in homes as it does in power plants. Benefits include a reduction or elimination of all chemical additives in your water system, elimination of calcium and mineral deposits, reduced maintenance or replacement costs of your system, and significant cost savings while reducing environmental footprints.

Applying Soft Wave technology in industrial cooling tower operations reduces water evaporation, eliminates the need for chemical cleaning and will normally lead to increased cycles. These factors combine to decrease the required makeup water, and decrease the blow down water, thus saving millions of gallons of water and reducing the reliance on chemical treatment to prevent scaling, and reduce production downtime. This means potential large scale industrial cost savings through reduced wear and tear on components, reduced liability, reduced overhead, and increases in efficiency. Potential customers are numerous, from power plants, to refineries, steel factories, agricultural operations, food production plants, city water systems, and residential homes.