Stina Installs First of Two Soft Wave Units at PNE Pacific Coliseum

October 19, 2016

Stina Resources Ltd. (“the Company”) is pleased to announce the first of two Soft Wave installations at the PNE Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. The Coliseum utilizes a dual Evaporative Condenser for Ammonia Refrigeration system (dual cooling towers), which is perfect for Soft Wave to be tested as the condensers are identical, sit side by side, but run independent water flows.

A standard Soft Wave unit has been installed on the north condenser, which will experience an immediate elimination of chemical treatment to its water, allowing Soft Wave to work naturally. The south condenser will continue to operate as before, using chemicals. The two water flow meters sit side by side and will be easy to monitor, as will the water itself. It is expected that Soft Wave will reduce the amount of evaporation in the north condenser, thus decreasing the amount of required makeup and blow down water, providing the north condenser with a significant reduction in water use compared to the south. This could also mean the elimination of chemical costs to the north condenser.

A second Soft Wave unit will also be installed at the Coliseum in the next few days with further details to follow. The Company is also now completing final administrative due diligence for the installation of two other Soft Wave Units in two other Vancouver facilities, and expects to be able to proceed very shortly. Further installations are being planned, and a local engineering company is overseeing the installation work on behalf of Stina. Regular controlled testing will be done at all installations, and further news will be released as soon as it becomes available.

Stina's goal is to demonstrate the cost savings and environmental footprint reduction using Soft Wave technology, specifically in industrial settings. By establishing Soft wave technology as a new and effective alternative to chemical treatment, monetization of the technology will be quickly realized, translating into increasing revenues for Stina. This will help define a business model that would include a wide range of commercial and residential customers.

"Stina's acquisition of the Soft wave technology has been a tremendous boost for Stina's shareholders," claims company president, James Corrigan. "The response to the Soft Wave technology in Canada's water industry has been truly encouraging. While moving ahead with installations for the city of Vancouver, Soft Wave continues to attract daily interest." Stina will be following up with progress reports as well as new installations as warranted.

About Soft Wave
Soft Wave is a non-chemical water treatment system that provides a number of cost-saving, environmental, and personal benefits to household consumers, businesses, city water infrastructures, and large industrial operations. Soft Wave dissolves and suspends minerals in the water, thus preventing scale formation inside the pipes and the elimination of prior scaling. Soft Wave technology has been in development for over six years and has been commercially available in the U.S. for the past three years. During that time, Soft Wave has been installed in such locations as Dole Foods, Fresh Express and Best Western Hotels, in addition to a number of other well-known companies throughout North America. Soft Wave is completely scalable and works as well in homes as it does in power plants. Benefits include a reduction or elimination of all chemical additives in your water system, elimination of calcium and mineral deposits, reduced maintenance or replacement costs of a system, and significant cost savings while reducing environmental footprints. Applying Soft Wave technology in industrial cooling tower operations reduces water evaporation, eliminates the need for chemical cleaning and will normally lead to increased cycles. These factors combine to decrease the required makeup water, and decrease the blow down water, thus saving millions of gallons of water and reducing the reliance on chemical treatment to prevent scaling, and reduce production downtime. This means potential large scale industrial cost savings through reduced wear and tear on components, reduced liability, reduced overhead, and increases in efficiency. Potential customers are numerous, from power plants, to refineries, steel factories, agricultural operations, food production plants, city water systems, and residential homes. Stina acquired the Canadian distribution rights for Soft Wave from AGT earlier this year.