• V23 Resource Corp. is working with Dr. Edward Roberts of the University of Calgary to construct Redox Flow Batteries and to determine optimum parameters for the vanadium electrolyte used therein that will be derived from the vanadium mined from the Bisoni McKay's vanadium property in Nevada

  • Dr. Edward Roberts is an internationally recognized expert and innovator in the field of electrochemical technology

  • His work has been recognized through several international awards for innovation (the IChemE Water Innovation Award, the IET Innovation Award and the ACES European Academic Enterprise Award). He is the holder of 22 granted patents, has a further 20 patent applications pending and has published more than 75 papers in international journals

  • Dr Roberts' research group is exploring the use of new large scale energy storage technologies. Electrode materials for redox flow batteries are being developed in collaboration with other researchers. The goal is to develop low cost, vanadium redox flow battery systems that are able to operate efficiently at high current densities, improving the economic viability of the technology. These systems are being developed for large scale energy storage and the integration of renewable electricity generation